The best providers offer real money and play money

This is no different for most of the queen of the nile slots we test. With top providers like Leo Vegas, Slotsmillion or DrückGlück you can try for free as long as you want to casino games. Of course, only those who make a deposit and risk their bets can win real money or even jackpots. But in contrast to the not recommended Free to Play casinos (see next chapter) you have at least the chance to win something. It gets even better with a so-called no deposit bonus. For example, a few vendors offer a no deposit, real money casino bonus to attract new customers. Here you will receive a starting balance for the real money games. More below.

Why your free to play casinos should avoid

Free to Play sounds great. You download an app or play a browser game that costs nothing. If it’s just for the fun of playing, is not that much better than an online arcade where I have to bet real money? Not necessarily. Because most free to play offers are designed so that the player eventually has to buy new credits in order to continue playing. These credits cost real money. And you can never win back that money, since the site itself does not pay the biggest credit balance. It’s worthless, but you paid for it.

With browser games such as Clash of Clans or World of Tanks one could argue that the money used also increases the fun, for example because you buy better equipment. But in a casino, it’s all about chance. The game is the same – whether you’re playing real money, play money, or free to play credits. So, after our experience with Free to Play offers, it’s always better to sign up for a real money casino that offers a play money mode. There almost all games (excluding live games usually) can play absolutely free. And if you decide to play with real money then you can pay off your potential winnings later.