The non-download casinos

The non-download casinos

These are portals where you can start right after the registration. Because here no software has to be downloaded. Often, these casinos are also referred to as flash casinos. This is due to the fact that the online casino providers rely on the Flash technology in order to be able to present the graphical content even without software installation sophisticated. The advantage here is also clear: there is no software to be installed, which saves time, but also the security here is a lot higher, because it can not install viruses or spyware on the computer.

Furthermore, there are the different Internet casinos for the different operating systems. However, only the download casinos are affected. The flash or instant game casinos can be easily started on any operating system.

Online Casino Games: Random generators ensure safety and fairness

Anyone who has ever played cards with friends during a leisurely game night knows that he can be sure that the cards are randomly distributed in the deck of the card. Nobody bothers to allocate the cards or count the cards or use a game system – because in this case it is more about the fun. But what about the online casinos? Who ensures the fairness of the game and the certainty that the online games are actually based on chance and not something manipulated by the operator in his favor?

The keyword here is: RNG! DA is the abbreviation for the English term “Random Number Generator” and means nothing else than “random number generator”. This is responsible for the random sequence of numbers and events – always state-of-the-art.